About the Founders

The Founders

 Chuck and Terry Nowiski are the Co-Founders of Aaron's Hope, NC. 

Years ago Chuck and Terry began  housing homeless teens, one at a time while continuing to work full time. Eventually, Chuck and Terry began receiving calls from the local community asking if they could take more teens. Seeing a need they began looking for a way to help more teens. 

"We saw hurting teens filled with anger pain, hopelessness and disappointment. They demonstrated problems with relationships, authority and academics. They were rebellious and often made poor choices. The exciting news is we have also witnessed the powerful changes that take place when teens grasp the life changing truths of God’s Word and choose to apply those truths to their lives!" 

"Knowing that hurting teens are in danger of becoming out of control teens negatively impacting their families and our communities, knowing there is hope, and having a heart to help, we began to seek ways to reach out to hurting teens and families in our community. And we found a way...  National House of Hope.  We visited House of Hope Orlando, the model campus to learn more about the program and decided to pursue an affiliation."

Through their affiliation  Chuck and Terry obtained assistance in achieving non-profit status, program organization and training in counseling. They eventually left their careers to put all their time into the ministry. They also completed their training with NHOH and have since renamed the ministry "Aaron's Hope, NC". Currently, they are working to open a 4500 sq. ft. colonial home that will house 6 teen boys, ages 13-17. They plan to open in 2020, God willing.

Chuck and Terry remain in contact with the teens they mentored over the years. Many of those teens are now married and have their own families of their own.  All are productive, responsible citizens! 

Terry was an educator in private Christian education for 25 years; a teacher for 15 years and a principal for 10 years. She also served as a mentor to teens for 15 years in her local church teen ministry. In addition to working directly with teens, she served as a coordinator for the volunteer adult staff and junior teen staff. Chuck worked for Goodyear Tire Company.   They have three biological children and two grandchildren. They also consider very first teen who lived with them their son. Terry calls him her "God son"  because "God gave him to me." He is married and has two daughters. 

The Story Behind the Name Aaron's Hope

Following their  many years in personal ministry, co-founders Chuck and Terry lost their  own son Aaron, a 24-year old military combat veteran, to an accidental  drug overdose – the result of addiction to prescription opiates. Young  people from across the US contacted them to tell how Aaron had helped  them...many stating they were drug free, alive and hopeful about their future because of him. The Nowiski’s decided the small amount of       insurance money that represented his life should to go into something  “life” producing. They used it as “seed money” for the house that has  become “Aaron’s Hope”. With each teen that leaves this house with renewed hope, identity, purpose, and life - that victory will keep Aaron alive in their hearts. In helping others, they also find healing.