Monetary donations are needed in order to help teens and thir families! 

Give a 1x donation or become a monthly partner! 

Donate on our secure donation site by clicking the donation button


mail to: 

Aaron's Hope, NC 

P.O. Box 159 

Linden, NC 2835.

There are also opportunities to donate items! 

 Needed items are listed below!  

Thank you! 

Donations & Sponsorship

Your Gift Matters!


Your financial gift, no matter small, matters! 

Aaron's Hope, NC does not receive government funding.  We are dependent upon the generosity of others. Every dollar donated helps to heal a teen and family in need! 

Will you help?

Education & Programs


 Annual Funding Amounts 

Parenting class materials ($100 per family), 

Group teaching materials ($100 per resident),  

Classroom materials ($180 per resident)

Life skills programs ($100 per resident) 

Resident community service projects ($50 per) 

Miscellaneous Contribution Needs


Gas cards for families $100

Roll of stamps $50

Grocery cards  $100

Field trip funds $100

Spring garden $50 

One month of cleaning supplies $50

One month med supplies $25,

Science DVD’s $75 

Home décor updating $75 

Journals for entire house $40 

Pillows for entire house $75

Movie and a board game $30 

vacuum cleaner $150

Household Gifts


 iTunes gift cards

Gift Cards to local restaurants & fast food, Movie Theatre gift cards 

Personal Journal Books  

personal Walkman style CD players, headphones (ear buds type), 

small iPods such as shuffle or nano (used and/or older generation accepted), 

NKJV and NIV study and student bibles 



 Wii system and games (original Wii): 

 Easy piano music: Christmas, Christian songs 

Board Games: Operation, Guess Who, Spot It, Connect 4, etc. 

Crafts: paint and brushes, canvases, hot glue gun sticks

Model Car sets

Lego building sets

Resident Sponsorship


Sponsor a resident for 1 month: $3000

Sponsoships are not limited to this amount! 

You may sponsor a resident for any amount!  

Supply Needs



 Canned Fruit & Vegetables

Cream Soups

Pastas, Rice, Cereal

Granola Bars, Snacks, Chips

Juice, Fruit Snacks, Cake Mix

Sauces, Coffee Grounds 

Store Packed Perishables brought to our home: (Meat, Freezer Items, Bread, Cheese, Milk, Eggs, Fruit, Vegetables) 

Gift Cards for grocery and supply shopping 

Please check that dates on cans and boxes are not expired before donating!

Paper Products


Paper towels

Toilet Paper

Plates & Napkins


Cleaning & Kitchen


Garbage bags (kitchen size)

 Freezer Bags, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap

Disposable  Wipes

Dawn Dish Detergent, 

Auto Dishwasher Detergent 

All-purpose Cleaner


Window Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Dryer Sheets

Stain Remover 



Notebook paper (loose leaf)

Three ring binders (1 inch)

Spiral notebooks

Mechanical pencils

Pens (blue, black, red)

Colored pencils & markers

Permanent markers

Art paper

Reams of white copy paper

Protective Eyewear 

Basketball (goal and ball)

Bathroom Rug Sets (neutral colors)

Stick Vacuum/Floor Sweeper

Bedroom pillows

Walmart gift cards

Yard Supplies


Potting Soil

Seeds for garden 

Flowers for spring



Garden tools 

Weed eater (gas or battery)

Lawnmower (riding)

Mulch (red)

Landscape Fabric

Water hose

Gift cards for gas

Medical/First Aid


Band aids 

Medicine (OTC cold/allergy, anti nausea/diarrhea) 

Gauze/first aid items 

Give Hope!

 Aaron's Hope, NC offers hope and solutions to teens and their families who are ready to make a change in their life. We do not receive  government funding and rely on caring individuals like you who have a heart to help h teens and their families.