Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the teens come from?

Families come to us by several different avenues. Referrals typically come from schools, churches, concerned friends or family members as private referrals. 

How old are the residents and how long do they stay?

We accept teenage boys ages 13-17. Eighteen year olds still in high school are given special consideration. The average stay is 12 to 18 months. 

What kinds of issues do you deal with at Aaron's Hope?

Aaron's Hope deals with mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems which may include issues such as defiant behavior, anger issues, anxiety, depression, use of drug or alcohol, lying, stealing, social or academic problems, expulsion from school, issues relating to past abuse, etc. 

Do you offer licensed professional counseling to your clients?

Aaron's Hope is a faith ministry relying on and believing in the power of the Holy Spirit, thus using lay counselors and prayer ministers instead of licensed professional counselors.  On occasion, a licensed professional counselor may be contracted for short-term purposes, for an additional charge. 

Will I get to spend time with my son?

Once healthy boundaries have been established, the teens will return home every other weekend and on major holidays so families can work on specific issues as they progress through the program. Our staff is here to support and assist the parents. The guidelines, privileges and disciplines that are implemented at Aaron's Hope, NC and in the teens own home need to be consistently applied so that parents are able to maintain a healthy home environment once their teen returns home permanently. 

What is the process for admitting my teen into the program?

Phone interview
Complete Application & Release of Informed Consent Form
Face to face meeting with Counselor
Additional information gathered and reviewed by Staff
Meet rest of staff and tour facilities
Admission into program 

​How must does the program cost?

 Aaron's Hope, NC uses a sliding scale based on your income.  

Do you accept an form of insurance?

 Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any form of insurance.  

Do you receive any government funding?

Aaron's Hope, NC  accepts no government funding. Receiving government funding often requires meeting certain criteria that would inhibit us from promoting the Christian values that we believe are critical to real healing of broken hearts and lives. 

Where do you get your funding?

 We rely primarily on the generous gifts of caring individuals, corporations, foundations and churches. 

How is Aaron's Hope, NC different from other residential programs?

Aaron's Hope, NC is not a residential facility where teens get sent to punish their bad behavior. We believe that every teen that resides at Aaron's Hope is here for a purpose and that God has plans to give them a hope and a future, according to Jeremiah 29:11. We also recognize that the entire family needs to be involved in the healing process for lasting results. Therefore parents are required to participate in the program through counseling, visitation and the weeklyHope Homebuilder's parenting classes.