Program Information

Residential Home Life

The Aaron's Hope residential program is dedicated to modeling a Christ-centered family environment for the teens. 

House staff maintain structure at Aaron's Hope residential home. The rules, which have been set forth in the Resident's Handbook, are enforced by the house staff with support from the assigned prayer minister. 

The teens eat family-style meals together that are cooked in the residential home. They help with meal preparation, chores and clean up.

The house staff monitor the resident's chores and have a great impact on their spiritual development. Basic living skills are taught by the house staff in a loving and respectful manner. 

Daily devotions are led by house staff. 


Counseling & Prayer Ministry

 Upon entering the program the teen and family are assigned a Counselor - a Biblical Caregiver*  Prayer Minister. Individual sessions explore individual and family issues. Interventions are structured to assist teens and parents in gaining new skills for conflict resolution, problem solving and constructive release of feelings. The Counselor coordinates the assessments and sessions while in the program and is responsible for the development of an individualized plan for recovery, which includes input from the entire team, as well as after-care planning for the teen and family.  Counseling and individual prayer ministry is once per week for residents and once per week for parents.  

Groups provide the opportunity for teens to identify, confront and work on issues related to their past behavior, feelings and emotional needs. Teens give and receive feedback from one another and the group leaders help them develop insight into their problems. Groups are facilitated by a qualified individual and meet once per week for teens. Parents are required to attend the group "Homebuilders Class"  once per week.

Families meet together as determined by the Counselor.

*Biblical Caregiver defined below.


Biblical Principles Life Application Education

Biblical Education is comprised of Scripture memorization, teaching,  and  instruction in the application of Biblical principles in day- to- day life and is an important part of our program. Learning and applying these principles are crucial in obtaining freedom from the bondage in their lives and maintaining that freedom once they leave our program.  

The Life Application of Biblical Principles is at the heart of our program. These principles are built into each phase of the program and are outlined in the handbooks provided for teens and parents. 

Academic Education

Residents attend the on campus school which utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education Program enabling teens to fill in educational gaps resulting for poor school attendance and lack of motivation. We offer a high school diploma with transferable credits. Upon arrival each resident is given diagnostic testing to determine  an appropriate placement level, then an education plan is implemented to allow each resident to progress at their own pace. 

Life Skills Education

Because our ultimate goal is to enable troubled teenagers to become productive and healthy citizens, the Aaron's Hope program includes instruction in life skills. As a starting point, each resident is assigned specific household duties and chores. Responsibility is earned and tested through phase systems, which rewards sincere attitude change. 

Teens also develop skills in  money management, learning to complete a job application and create a resume, prepare for a job interview, and much more! 

Physical education, basic automobile maintenance and hands-on projects such as, basic carpentry, tile/brick masonry, furniture refinishing, etc.  help to work out stress and frustration...and many teens enjoy learning these skills!    


There are numerous spiritual activities which include daily devotions, teaching, praise, intercession, prayer, quiet time,  and listening to the Lord as the Holy Spirit leads. 

Teens attend different church services each Sunday and as well as youth groups each week. 

They also attend at least one weekly worship service on campus. 

Counseling Offered

When people experience difficulties in life most do not need a professional counselor. They need a friendly, compassionate, objective listening ear, common sense objectives and a plan. There is no better common sense plan that then one created by God and outlined in His Word with time proven principles and strategies that work! 

The type of "counseling" provided by our program is best defined by a term used by the American Association of Christian Counselors: Biblical Caregiver. We offer trained Biblical Caregivers to teens and parents who are ready to make a change in their lives.   If we find that a state licensed professional counselor is needed, one is provided for an additional fee. 


Biblical Caregivers

Biblical Caregivers Defined

Biblical Caregivers are individuals that have been gifted by God with counseling gifts, have been trained through Aaron's Hope, NC and are obligated to uphold the confidentiality of each resident/family assigned to them.  

Biblical Caregivers: 

  • pray for and with clients
  • utilize the Bible and make reference to Scripture
  • encourage the confession of sin, the practice of forgiveness, and the making of amends
  • support the practice of the spiritual discipline 
  • give assistance or make referral for spiritual interventions and other specialized practices. 

Biblical caregiving is not dichotomized into sacred and secular compartments, but from the perspective of the mental health and coaching professions, which is rightly seen as holistic, adjunctive, and building upon the Word of God. (Biblical Caregiver,  as defined by Light University .com)